Helping Artists

Radio stations need music to entertain their listeners. Musicians need radio to amplify their voices and attract fans. We need each other, and for decades we’ve been working together successfully.

From megastars to emerging stars, artists from across the music spectrum rely on radio as their number-one promotional vehicle to bring their music to their fans' ears.

The big record labels would like you to think a performance tax on radio is about compensating artists, but in truth, they are hurting the very artists they say they are trying to help. Not to mention at least half of all performance tax revenue would go to the labels directly, not the artists.

Recently, some smaller record labels and radio companies have found new ways to work together, negotiating innovative, free-market deals that benefit all parties – artists, labels, stations, and listeners. This is more proof that a government-mandated performance tax is unnecessary, and simply a desperate attempt from the big record labels to get more money flowing into their pockets.

Don't believe the hype. Radio stations are essential to helping artists share music with listeners, sell albums and concert tickets and build their fan base.

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