The Issue

Local radio station make megastars out of unknown artists by playing their music and introducing them to new fans. Radio and musicians have a true partnership: Radio wants to entertain listeners and artists want their voices heard. But big, international record labels are pushing for a tax on local radio that could hurt your favorite local station.

Radio's free promotion already provides more than $2.4 billion annually in music sales for record labels and artists. But struggling with outdated business models, the record labels have resorted to pushing for legislation that would impose a tax on your local radio stations simply for airing music.

This could reduce the music radio stations play and stifle new artists trying to start their careers. It could especially affect small stations causing them to shut down entirely.

Thus far, listeners like you have helped hold off the record labels' money grab by urging Congress to oppose a performance tax.

Find out if your legislator is standing up for you and your free, local radio stations. Thank them for supporting local radio or take action now.